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Mission: Minimize wasted water.

creekBy simulating naturally occurring processes, we convert wasted sewage byproducts into usable water.

Orcas Sewage Design, Inc. designs superior sewage systems with the express purpose of minimizing wasted water in the most competitive way, supporting the efforts to promote a more sustainable society by insuring that we put the water back into our communities the way we found it. Helping to replenish nature’s support system with a long term sustainable approach to wastewater disposal and treatment.

We have grown with the technology.

We have researched, designed, and manufactured leading-edge onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment technologies since 1980. Our wastewater solutions include watertight fiberglass tanks and basins, in-tank pumping and filtration systems, advanced secondary treatment systems, community collection systems, electrical controls (including VFDs and telemetry), and fiberglass shelters.

Rick Petro, founder and CEO of Orcas Sewage Design supports WOSSA and has served on their advisory board.

About WOSSA (Washington On-Site Sewage Association)

Founded in 1990, the Washington On-Site Sewage Association is a non-profit trade association serving the on-site wastewater industry. Today the organization has grown to encompass all disciplines of the industry, has continued to expand its impact, and supports improvement in all of the industry's professions. These professional areas include regulators, designers, installers, operations and maintenance support, and manufacturers/suppliers operating in the state of Washington. WOSSA has since been a leading onsite professional membership association for the onsite septic industry with key consideration to the Consumer, Public Health and the Environment.