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Septic Alarms

If your septic alarm is going off, press and hold the red button light in order to silence the alarm. The alarm will go on again in twelve hours if the issue is not resolved.


A STEADY red light indicates a high water alarm:

  1. Check the power source to the septic pump; the switch should be turned ON.
  2. If you have recently been running a large amount of water through the system (ie: houseguests, large amounts of laundry, a running toilet, etc), we recommend using your system sparingly until this additional water passes through the system. The high water level should resolve within a few hours. If the alarm continues to go off, please contact our office promptly for assistance.
  3. If sewage is backing up into your house, and it is after normal business hours please call our emergency line at (360) 317-6094. Avoid running any water into the system until the situation is resolved.

A FLASHING red light indicates a low water alarm:

If the system is new, or the tank has recently been pumped, the tank may just need a little time to fill up so that the floats can register a “normal” liquid level. You may want to turn the alarm circuit breaker off, but it is very important that the breaker be turned back on again after a couple of days. If the alarm continues after this time, please contact our office for assistance, as further troubleshooting may be necessary.