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Dedication from the ground up.

Orcas Sewage Design works with developers, engineers, planners, regulators and builders to create the treatment system needed to meet project-specific requirements. We accomodate sustainable building practices, with low life cycle costs. Our systems are often located in beautiful and environmen

tally sensitive areas, where effective wastewater systems, that meet or exceed regulatory requirements, are critical. Orcas Sewage Design is conscientious of protecting our water resources, environmental stewardship, and sustainable development.

If you’re planning a new home or need a new onsite septic system, septic designer Rick Petro will listen to your needs, personally assess your property and create a unique design that fits your goals.

The first step is to have a Septic System Feasibility Study performed on the property to determine the conditions of the ground and what type system the Health District is going to require.

We then prepare the full septic system design and submit it to the Health Department for their review and approval. Once approved, the design will be valid for four years and renewable for a further four.

At this juncture, we will procure bids from qualified contractors to install the approved design. "Record drawings" (accurately depicting the drawing as-built) will then be produced and filed with the health department. Once the  plumbing fixtures have been installed, a startup procedure is performed to ensure that the system functions as per the design.