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Inspection & Maintenance

Orcas Sewage Design not only designs wastewater systems...we maintain them, too. We know that smart engineering can avoid major headaches for service providers down the road, so we stand by our commitment to quality design standards and equipment.

All systems require regular inspection and maintenance. Regular maintence is performed according to health department regulations, including sampling.

We follow a list of routine cleaning and maintenance procedures recommended or required by the equipment manufacturers, in keeping with their warranty requirements.

Copies of inspection and maintenance reports, along with any additional documentation, will be retained by OSD as the Authorized Systems Dealer.

Remote Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art VeriComm® (VCOM) telemetry controls gives us the ability to remotely monitor and adjust each individual system, saving money on operations and maintenance and helping to meet all regulatory requirements by:

  • Automatically notifying us of alarms or alerts.
  • Allowing us to change many system settings from office or home.
  • Heading off problems before they become serious.
  • Diagnosing problems and making recommendations for actions.
  • Troubleshooting the system automatically and making self-adjustments, if needed, based on trend data.

Operators will make fewer trips to the site, and they'll know what equipment to bring when they do go. Moreover, most O&M activities will remain virtually invisible to homeowners.