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Certified Septic Designer

Certified Maintenance Provider

Certified Maintenance Provider

If your home or business is not connected to a central sewer system, you will need an onsite wastewater system. All your household wastewater will be collected and treated on site. The treated effluent will be returned to the soil and after the soil filtration it goes to the groundwater. 

Certified Maintenance Provider

Certified Maintenance Provider

Certified Maintenance Provider

All systems require regular inspection and maintenance. Regular maintenance is performed according to the County Health department regulations. We follow a list of routine cleaning and maintenance procedures recommended or required by the equipment manufacturers.

Authorized Dealer

Certified Maintenance Provider

Authorized Dealer

Orcas Sewage design incorporates an extensive line of high-quality, technologically advanced wastewater treatment products from the leading manufacturers in the industry. From septic tanks for residential use, small-scale wastewater treatment systems to large-scale effluent sewer systems.

Troubleshooting & Alarms


If your septic alarm is going off, you can press and hold the red button light in order to silence the alarm. The alarm will go on again in twelve hours if the issue is not resolved.


If this is the case, you can open the panel and pull one set of wires from the (black or gray) knob in the bottom left-hand corner.

A STEADY red light indicates a high water alarm:

1. Check the power source to the septic system and/or pump(s), make sure breakers have not been tripped and the pump switch is in the ON position.

2. If you have recently been running a large amount of water through the system (example: extra houseguests, larger amounts of laundry, or a running toilet, etc...). We recommend using your system sparingly until this additional water passes through the system. The high water level should resolve within a few hours. If the alarm continues to go off, please contact our office promptly for assistance.

3. If sewage is backing up into your house, please avoid running water into the system and contact our office so we may resolve the situation.

A FLASHING red light indicates a low water alarm:

Low water alarms occur during the following:

  • Newly installed system 
  • Tank recently haves been pumped out
  • System floats not registering a "normal" liquid level

    Please contact our office for assistance if the alarm continues, as further troubleshooting may be necessary.

Remote Monitoring


Our state-of-the-art VeriComm telemetry controls gives us the ability to remotely monitor and adjust each system, saving money on operations and maintenance and helping to meet all regulatory requirements by:

  1. Automatically notifying us of alarms or alerts.
  2. Allowing us to change many system settings from office or home.
  3. Heading off problems before they become serious.
  4. Diagnosing problems and making recommendations for actions.
  5. Troubleshooting the system automatically and making self-adjustments, if needed, based on trend data.

Operators will make fewer trips to the site, and they'll know what equipment to bring when they do go. Moreover, most O&M activities will remain virtually invisible to homeowners.


With the increase in internet service and elimination of land lines, it is still important to keep the monitoring capabilities of your system. Orcas Sewage Design has this option available for homeowners.  


Step 1: 

Contact your internet provider or electrician to install a Cat 5 Ethernet cable from the router in the house to the control panel with a RJ45 std 8pin connector with crimp.

Step 2: 

Orcas Sewage Design will install an IP upgrade kit in control panel.

  • Some older control panels will also require a control board retrofit. Please call or email Orcas Sewage Design for estimate and scheduling

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