System Maintenance Schedule


System Maintenance Schedule


All systems require regular inspection and maintenance. Regular maintenance is performed according to the local Health Department or State Health department. 

San Juan County Health Department Regulations require that onsite septic systems be inspected or serviced as follows:

  • Conventional Gravity System - Every 3 years 
  • Pressure Distribution System - Yearly
  • Mound/ Sand Filter System - Yearly
  • Proprietary Treatment - Biannual for the first two years after startup, then yearly 

For San Juan County Permit & Inspection Search visit: 

For San Juan County Regulations on Operation and Maintenance visit: 


To view the Washington State On-Site Regulations, 246-272 WAC, click the following link: 



System Maintenance Schedule


  • Flush the following items: Cleaning, facial, and baby wipes, Diapers, Pads or Tampons, Grease
  • Flush dangerous and damaging substances, specifically, do not flush…..

                * Pharmaceuticals

                * Excessive amounts of bath or

                  body oils 

                * Water softener  

                * Flammable or toxic products

                * Floor wax and/or rug cleaners

                * Chlorine Bleach, chlorides, and 

                  pool or spa products

                * Pesticides, herbicides, agricultural 

                  chemicals, or fertilizers

                * Septic Aids

  • Ignore leaky plumbing fixtures, these can overload your system
  • Place heavy equipment on top of the septic tank or the drainfield





  •  Conserve water by….

                 * Doing laundry more then once a

                    week and doing full loads                      

                  * Fix leaky plumbing fixtures and

                    running toilet  

  • Know the location of your   system and the control panel 
  • Keep area clear and accessible

                around the septic tank and the 


  • Keep tank access lids fastened


  • Take immediate action to correct alarms
  • Have a regular inspection of the system
  • Keep a file copy of your service provider’s sludge and scum monitoring report and pump-out schedule.